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How Social Media support to SEO

How Social Media support to SEO

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SEO and Social Media, well there is a lot of confusion out there regarding how well these two go together, but still one thing is clear, this is one such deadly combo that promises real results. With the SEO industry going through a major transformation these days due to new algorithms coming in, surprisingly social media is acting as a vital element for forming a concrete result driven strategy.

An important thing that needs to be comprehended is that Social media does its bit to add to the SEO and marketing results and this is why giving it a miss would act out as a huge mistake.  The Google algorithms are giving out results for rankings on social shares and SERPs one thing is for sure this tool holds vital importance.

For the ones who want to ensures that the rankings stay on the top it is imperative to make the most of these social media sites as they act as a real time platform that gives quick results. We all know that Google samples the internet from time to time and with you working on social media the organic rankings are going to get a major boost. If we start looking at the reasons why we are taking SEO and social media as an inseparable duo are, then there are some big reasons for support:

  • You need to build strong relationship with industry influencers as these are the ones that will make people know about your brand, products and services and for all this you need to create some buzz on social media. If you want to improve your content or want quality feedbacks, you need to utilize the power of social media to the fullest
  • Another big reason why the focus is on using social media for SEO is that it tends to give you quality links. We all know that Google does not care much about your likes and tweets, but yes it definitely values those links and this is going to benefit your SEO campaign
  • SEO needs time to give results and this is why you need a sustainable medium working on it day and night and this is where social media comes to help

Always keep one thing in mind, SEO still values link building and content and these are the areas on which social media might be of great help to sum this up, although you might not see a direct link between social media and SEO but still this is something that you cannot afford to ignore.

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