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Ask Online Solution offers best Window (Mobile Technology) solutions

At Ask Online Solutions, we have been developing android and Windows applications for long time. Our company has a talented team of expert mobile app designers and developers. We provide full assistance for mounting advance applications by adding lots of creativity in that. It has various features and touch screen ability. It uses the fast and user friendly OS.

Mobile technology:

Mobile technology has been progressing rapidly that even few years make a huge difference. Different types of mobile OS are available for different phones. Some professionals still choose these mobiles because they prefer its simple straight forward interface to the overstuffed environment of Android. Besides, it supports a wide variety of different phone configurations, like phones with buttons and touch-screen phones.

Variety of windows phones:

The range of different configurations of these phones is not limited to the keypad, apart from the standard configuration; there are flip phones and slider phones.


Most of Windows Mobile has a standard set of features, such as

  • Multitasking
  • It has the ability to navigate a file system.
  • Internet Exploreris the default web browser.
  • Windows Media Player is the default media player.
  • Touch screen facility.
  • Vertical and horizontal layout

MS windows is most probably not going to lose its position and this advantage will remains with it.  Although the App Store lags behind the Play Store in terms of quantity, what counts with apps is the quality and so far these phones have the basic requirements covered. It is not an open source platform and Microsoft has a strict criteria set than Google about which apps and games can populate their respective marketplaces. Apart from user interface, these mobiles have other strong side which is the best system compatibility with MS win. We, Ask Online Solutions provide effective solutions for mobile technologies.

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