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Geo Location App

Ask online solutions work also in the field like mobile application development. We are accomplished android app Development Company working with team of expert mobile app designers and developers. We develop some amazing app and Geo Location App is one of them.

Work of Geo Location App:

Geo Location Application is used to deduce the geographic location of another party. This app is similar to tracking or positioning that shows the location of a place. The app can track place on maps either by using the IP address of the computer or the radio-frequency identification of a smart phone. Having this app, your Smartphone knows exactly where it is and capable of recording location, video and sound.

Geo Location App can do two things:

  • You can report your location to other user
  • you can associate real world locations to your location

Benefits of Geo Location App:

  • Find and recover a lost mobile.
  • The app offers the added protection of being able to remote lock a mobile device.
  • In families, parents can track children as lots of children have mobile phones.
  • Some delivery companies use this app to find exactly the clients location.
  • This helps you to find the right place at any time.
  • Delivery companies can also track their trucks and workers.

Through this app you can send customers information about products and promotions to their smart phone. The benefit of a Geo Location App or location-based service is that you can target your customers directly based on their whereabouts.

Geo Location App uses the IP address of a system to track its location. If you are going for weekend trip and don’t know much about the place, you can use our location tracking app developed by Ask Online Solution.

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